© Erika Castle 

© Erika Castle 

About my madness

Whoa! Look at you looking at me! What a fantastic idea! I'm pleased to meet you and I hope to lure you down the rabbit hole that is my darkly humored, sickly twisted mind. I promise I'll bite! 

As you probably know, I'm just a small town girl. Living in a lovely world where the veil between every day life and the monsters I create is clearly limpid. See what I did there? I'm also pretty punny, unabashedly obnoxious, eccentrically extroverted, and unafraid to say or write things that people are too afraid of. I will never tire of witnessing the aftermath of a person meeting me, then reading me.

I have always been fascinated with the written word. Like so many creative types, I have an ability to create pictures in your mind, all while you're handling the paintbrush. On my Amazon author page, you'll see a picture of me as a child with a pencil and book in hand. I have been in love with the two ever since. If you are curious enough, read my blog! I have a few short stories out there that are sure to pique your interest.